LIVE FROM BALI: Live Concert Video Taping

You helped us cross a big STONE COLD KILLERS milestone last night.

We've spent months planning our live taping at our home venue, The Orchard. It started out as an audio album - a full live record - showcasing our live set for festivals and promoters, but then it turned unto something much more as we started putting it together with the SCK team.

Last night, 200 of our closest SCK family and friends turned out for a night like no other. A full live show, no chance for screw-ups, no room for error, a four-man camera crew, a full audience capture, and a whole lotta liquid courage! We played the majority of our upcoming album and it was truly rewarding hearing the crowd belting out THE PRESSURE with us. That was a stunning and humbling first for us and we got it all on tape.

We aim to have STONE COLD KILLERS: LIVE FROM BALI, an audio and video experience, out in early 2024 as a tribute to all of you who have stood by us in our formative year. We feel this show was a particularly great example of the fun and craziness that goes down on a night with us. The crowd was feeling it, we were feeling… we think you'll feel it, too.

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