SCK Celebrates One Year Together and Announces New Album Release 

What a killer night! Not only was it our 1st anniversary as a band… not only was it Big Daddy D's birthday… but we also dropped the hot goods on our new record, which will debut January 2, 2024! We couldn't be more excited to roll this sucker out to everyone worldwide and there was no better place to do it than our beloved The Orchard. Full circle, it all began on that stage one year ago, so we want to give huge props to The Orchard staff and our record label SOULsvc for giving us the fuel and the fire to do what we want to, how we want to, when we want to. What an amazing feeling to share such a milestone with you all. So many faces that have followed us down this incredible road and stuck with us all year long. Thank you so so much for coming out!

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