We came, we saw, we partied, Surabaya!

We're literally sitting here on the ride home from a fantastic weekend in Surabaya and Kediri for what was an an absolutely raucous time with all you crazy Stoners!

Thursday night was the amazing Tanjung Perak Jazz Festival at Northquay Gapura-Surya. What an event! There were so many phenomenal bands and solo artists at the event and the two greatest things for us was sharing the evening with you all, but also getting to see so many awesome performances.

We want to thank the legendary Ibu Indah Kurnia for inviting us over and Om Boy for making it one of the best times we've had on the road so far. To everyone who came out to the show, as well as the cruise ship vacationers yelling from behind in the harbor, we hope you had as much fun as we did in SBY!

The next night, we played LivinLand Mandiri and loved the energy from the enthusiastic crowd of rabid funksters. The night was lit from the moment we took the stage until we left to head to the hotel. The impromptu requests at the end of the night made it even more memorable as you guys worked hard to stump us with tunes, but we made it through and had an amazing time with you all. We simply cannot wait to get back to your town and do it again soon!

Stay high, SBY! We love you guys!

- Faizar, Ava, Ilham, Ca'am, and Deane

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